Honest, Empathic and reasonable

IkMeenHet brings people together who want to learn to communicate more consciously. People who no longer want to talk to get what they want but who want to express what they stand for. People who no longer want to judge but who want to listen. People who do not want to believe in what feels ‘good’ but what is reasonable.

IkMeenHet is a foundation that promotes honesty, empathy and reasonableness. We organize training and coaching in the field of communication.

Are you willing to get to know yourself better from the optimism that you have something to contribute to your environment? Then we invite you for an IkMeenHet training. Participate in an IkMeenThe training is for go-geters! It requires that you forget a lot about what you have learned before so that you can remember who you were again. The reward? Honesty, connectedness and perhaps some freedom and tranquility.

Interested in a no-obligation exploratory meeting? Send us an email on ikmeenhet (at)